Fascinate Now Listed As A FroYo Device, While Epic 4G Gets Pushed Back

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    Samsung has begun listing all US Galaxy S devices as being powered by Android 2.2; as of now this update isn't even out just yet. This has been reported as one of two things. It could be an overzealous web manager that thinks just because every other Galaxy S line of devices have been updated, Samsung must be pushing out the update to us too. It could also be that Samsung alerted their web team of the long, and I mean long, awaited Android 2.2 update for not only the Fascinate, but the Epic 4G (which was pushed back today), the Captivate, and the Vibrant. I hope that the second possibility is true and that Samsung is just keeping the update till just past CES.

    Personally I love my Galaxy S device, and I wish Samsung would release the update soon. Is Anyone here running a cooked ROM? Or, are we all just waiting patiently (well in my case) for the official update.

    Source (Fascinate Listed With FroYo | Android Phone Fans)
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    whatever the update includes, I hope it fixes the GPS issue. Why would they knowingly release a flawed product. Non verizon customers seem to have gotten an update a while ago to fix the known issues but not verizon...