Farewell D1

Discussion in 'Android General Discussions' started by Sniper_5, Feb 24, 2011.

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    As of tomorrow my new(to me) Motorola Droid X arrives and Ill be powering down my D1 one last time. Its already on Craigslist for sale as I anxiously await the X. Not as hackable I know, but it has all the features I really need or want in a phone right now out of the box. Ill be immediately rooting for use of a few apps (screen shot, wireless/wired tethering etc) but Im not sure if Ill "ROM" it just yet. Im gonna miss my D1, but now, to me anyways, its more like an "Android training phone". Being fully unlocked I found it very easy to root and ROM without worry of damage, plus having the slider allowed me time to get used to the on screen keyboard. About 2 months in I no longer used the slider anyways, so I dont see a point in carrying such a "bulky" weighted phone anymore. On top of that Im looking forward to the bigger screen (as I wear glasses) for easier viewing of all my media. I wish I could keep my D1 but Id like to re-coupe some of the cost of the upgrade. My decision to go with the X was this: Rumored quad core end of year and no 4G in my area for quite some time. So why drop the extra $100+ that doesnt have anything to offer (to me) other than the FFC and braging rights. Yeah theres the Qhd screens but..meh. lol