Facts about Webtop, Roms and OTA's

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    After chasing Leaked OTAs while running Theoryroms I have learned a lot. First fun fact. Roms do not affect Webtop. Yes the Scripts in the Rom can have effects on the Webtop app but can not install it or remove it. (This stands true unless some one can explain different.) How ever the M1 (Second Leaked OTA) Did kill and remove the webtop. Adding the Third OTA did not correct the missing Webtop.

    Ok what does this mean. If you have lost your Webtop (Both TV, HD dock, and Lapdock) while doing Leaked OTA's there is a real fix that I myself have applied. Yes its a lot of work and Wiping and lot of other mess that has to be done to correct it. If you follow this method you will end up Rooted, Webtop, and running the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd OTA's. As far as I know this is the only way to restore Webtop. Use this link, Read to OP and you will be 100% fixed. Easily Upgrade To 5.7.893, Keep Root And Webtop - RootzWiki

    I followed the path of early release and it cost me. I am just glad all of these good people where able to restore my phone and help me progress back to the Bionics full glory Rom and all.

    Thanks every one and I hope I have help point others in the right direction to clear up questions that are clogging up DroidTh3orys Threads.
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