Facelock Unlock Now available for GingerBread devices!

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    The release of Android 4.0 introduced to us the super cool feature "FaceLock" which allowed users to unlock their device just by showing the front facing camera their gorgeous grill! This feature has been seen by some as a gimmick, and while I loved it at first it soon became impractical for me on my Galaxy Nexus. However the joy that I experienced from rubbing this feature in the face of all my I*hone buddies was great. That joy soon ended when an I*phone buddy snapped a photo of my face and then unlocked my phone with the photo. I still see some folks who are proudly flaunting the face unlock though! Until now this feature has only been available for those Android users who are on Ice Cream Sandwich. Now it is available for users who are still on GingerBread which unfortunately is the majority of all Android users.

    Announcing FaceLock Face Recognition for Apps. While this does not work to unlock your phone it is still pretty awesome to have the FaceLock unlock feature on Gingerbread devices. This App allows you to set up facelock unlock to keep apps secure on your device. It allows you to lock Settings, Play Store, Task Manager and one more application of your choice. This would ba a good way to keep the kidos from buying stuff on the Play Store. Of course as mentioned above this is pretty easily circumvented if the person is willing to exert the effort.

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