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    I'm sure this is somewhere on here and I just didn't see it. I apologize if this is a repeat question... well, questions... since I have a couple! ;-)

    I recently got a Droid X and have been trying to figure out how to "sync" my contacts with Facebook. (Link my contacts on my phone with their Facebook account.) When I click to add Facebook contacts, it lists every person I have on Facebook on my phone. I only want to contacts I already have to be linked. My Droid Eris allowed me to do that very easily with a link looking button. I was going to go through and delete ("hide") the contacts I didn't want but somewhere along the way I messed up and deleted some I want back. Does anyone know how I can get these contacts back? I've tried deleting Facebook from my contacts account but it just says there was an error and won't let me. I uninstalled the Facebook app and reinstalled, hoping it would re-fresh, and still nothing.

    Plus, none of my Facebook contacts are editable... which sucks. Most only have their birthday and email listed. Is there a way I can merge a Facebook contact and a contact which I create? If not, I'm stuck with two contacts for the same person - one Facebook contact and a contact I make with their phone number and other information not linked on their Facebook account. (UPDATE - After a couple hours or searching online, I figured this part out! For those who are interested or needing an answer also: Click on the contact you created, click edit, then click menu (the four squares button to the left), click join and then click on the contact you want to merge with.:icon_ lala:)

    I don't understand why this isn't as easy to do on Droid X as it was on my Eris. They really should be more consistent on basic features when creating new phones and keep the features, like this, that are great. I miss my contact section ("People") on my Eris because the whole contact section sucks on Droid X. I don't like the way it looks or the options when creating a contact. Anyone know of a great contact manager app that I could "replace" it with?
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