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    i've been using Bloo for a couple weeks now and just today it started doing this. i have it set to check for new notifications every 30 minutes. so today i got one notification and my phone vibrated to tell me. k, no problem, cleared the notification on my phone. 2 minutes later, vibrated again, same notification. happened like 10 more times with the same notification. its been doing this on and off all day. i think i'm just going to delete the app cause i'm not really impressed with it anyways.

    i usually go to FB through the browser and click "full site" at the bottom cause i like seeing it as how i see it on the computer. but as soon as i click "home" again it goes to the touch site. and i hate the regular FB app the phone came with too.

    so does anyone know a way to make it just stay on the full site when i ask it to?