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    eXtermeMod 1.0.0 For Droid 1 Only

    Long awaited eXtreme Froyo LiveWallpapers are now available! I hope you all enjoy it! Has everything that New Era DroidMod and a few extras. Gonna try and find awesome backgrounds to add to it add a lot of customization to your droid!

    This is made for Ud, works on cyanogenmod also but cant guarantee any other roms, if you test on another rom and it works let me know so i can add it to the list of working roms!

    Roms it works on:

    eXtreme Froyo Ultimate Droid

    Will only work if rom is running froyo!!!!

    This is a LiveWallpaper application not a full rom!!

    eXtremeMod 1.0.0 for Droid 1! - Ftp download from DF - Thanks guys!



    download eXtremeMod.zip and rename to update.zip, place in root of sdcard and reboot recovery. select install, allow update.zip then isntall update.zip depreciated!!

    Clockwork Recovery:

    Download eXtremeMod.zip place on sdcard, reboot recovery, select install from sdcard, then choose zip form sdcard and select the zip to were u saved it and install.

    Credit to:

    chris soyars, cyanogen and koush for nexusmod and the open source code to edit it
    Triplem007 for multipule backgrounds
    RotorDroid for blue spiral background
    All changes made are by RafficaX unless noted otherwise

    Change Log:

    eXtremeMod 1.0.0:

    • Set eXtreme Froyo neural as default
    • New eXtreme Froyo water LW
    • New eXtreme Froyo neural Background
    • New install Zip that works on Sprecovery and Clockwork Recovery
    • Extremely optimized and zipalligned for smoother runner
    • Made Streaks/Lines Thinner and cleaner looking
    • Removed Falling Logos in Water LW
    • Reworked to work better on droid, less intensive on cpu and ram - RafficaX / Blackdroid
    • Removed LED flash when tapping screen
    • UD logo pyramid backgound replaced Normal background
    • Added UD logo to pyramid background - Blackdroid
    • Added all backgrounds and color schemes from New Era DroidMod

    I am not responsible for damage or problems that can occur from you install this. Just a safety precaution that has to be noted on all releases.

    If you want to donate for my work, it would be much appreciated, goes to helping me get a droid x to help blackdroid develop on it!

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    works just fine and the d/l speed is insane.
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