Extended Battery.. Who's running it?

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    I got my Motorola Droid Bionic the morning of the release. I was first in line and I got 3 accessories. They had a special the if you bought 3 accessories for it, they'd mark 30% off. I also have a Corporate discount that was 25% off Accessories. They told me that I would not be getting the 2 stacking discounts. However when they rang the accessories up, to our surprise they stacked, not a 50% discount, but close. What happened was their 25% came off all the accessories and then another 25% off came off that reduced price. I got the HD Dock $99 and after both discounts it was just under $60. I also got the extended battery, being first in line they had it in stock. And I got the Car Dock as well. Reviews of the 3 are as follows:

    1.) HD Dock - Awesome, I especially love the way I can hook it to my 55" LED TV and use it like WebTV, and then some.

    2.) Extended Battery - Well I work in a building with extremely poor cell phone signal, so my old cells always burned through their batteries, before end of day, unless I plugged it in. With the extended battery I was able to make it through the entire day of work and then some, even with 4G enabled. On day one, it wasn't that impressive, it burned through the battery quickly, but I realized that was because it was pulling in all my junk for the first time. Day two was way better, I charged it over night and Friday (day 2) it lasted more than enough. I also got to keep my stock battery obviously, so I popped that in at night and got through my late Friday night, with zero down time, not needing to be tethered to a charger.

    Extended Battery CON's;

    a.) Lack of included external charging station. Therefore I have to charge both of them in the phone, which is slightly annoying. I'll probably get a charger so I can pop the battery I'm not using in the charger, to prepare it for later. The extended battery increases the phone's weight by a lot. (considering how much it weights with the stock battery)
    b.) Adds bulk, thickness wise.
    c.) No in stock rubber case would fit the phone with the extended battery, or at least none that Verizon had at the store. (I don't usually get one, but I found it odd they didn't have one anyways.

    3.) The Car dock is awesome, I especially like how the charger plugs into the dock and not the phone directly, like my old Motorola Droid did. Another thing I like is how the car dock doesn't block the camera. This allows me to film ahead, example a travel time-lapse video. And unless I'm mistaken, the original Droid car dock covered the Camera, making it impossible to film anything ahead of your vehicle.

    Overall its an awesome phone, and I was able root it on day one. First order of business was remove all that Verizon Bulk, VCast, Blockbuster, etc.