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    I have the the 2750mah extended battery and cover through Verizon. I know my cover seems to creek and I seem to be having a few signal drops now. Seems to be getting worse. Could the cover be the issue? I know there are different covers. Are certain ones better than the others? I put my regular battery and back on today and it seems to be a little more stable. Also with the ext. I was getting a temporary ...no sim card notification...when I would reboot . It would go away Ayer 10 seconds or so. It hasn't done it on reboots since I went back to the regular battery and cover. I am running the last leak. Any ideas???
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    The creeping you are getting is normal, and just a very annoying feature of the cheap plastic of the Rezound cover(s). Both my original cover and extended covers creek, although the extended battery is much worse.

    As far as the data drops, it is most likely coincidental, and not related to your case. Something has been happening to everyone's Rezounds, causing them to constantly drop signal. This too has been happening to me - it started about a week or so ago for everyone. Check this forum - there is a thread specifically about it.

    It is possible that there is something wrong with your extended case - I just think is improbable, considering when you started to get data drops, which is the same time as everyone else.

    Hope this helps.
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    It is common knowledge that the cell radio's antenna is in the cover.

    I pointed out months ago that the Verizon extended cover has far less metal antennas compared to the original HTC rezound standard cover.

    I speculate that the Verizon cover only has the antennas necessary for Verizon's network, and may make global phone capabilities non operational. However this has not been verified with rezound owners using gsm network providers.

    In any case, the extended cover has less antennas and might possibly affect cell performance for some people.

    Personally, I own the Verizon extended battery and cover, but I rarely use it. Most of the time I prefer the slimmer lighter standard battery & cover even though I must charge more often. This is just my personal prefference.


    p.s. what the post above says is true. there have been several people complaining that the resound has recently suddenly developed a data drop out problem. also the galaxy nexus notorious for its data dropout problems has reportedly suddenly become stable on 4G LTE. I speculate Verizon has changed their 4G system and is rolling out the upgrades to its cell phone towers. Probably a cell phone radio firmware upgrade needs to go along with this 4G change. The delays for our ICS OTA update are preventing the wide spread distribution of the rezound radio firmware upgrade. Those using the ICS leak are reporting no data drop problems

    it is unfortunate that we must speculate about what Verizon is doing.
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