Experiencing copy speed of 25mb/s , measured TG E1 octa core tablet USB 3.0 interface

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    Tablet data interface transmission speed, few people pay close attention to, because wireless has been very popular, but for a certain group of people, it is very important, this group is the need to copy the video file to users on the tablet, and such as otaku.

    Normal cell phones, tablets, When evaluating rarely test transmission speed, so manufacturers in the design of the product not too care about it, but the transmission speed, in fact, is the memory storage speed, processor speed, memory control chip and its data interface integrated embodiment , and if as a flagship product, transmission speed is very slow,that's not so good .

    Today's test is the Teamgee TG E1 octa core tablet transmission speed, this is a flagship model which is equipped with USB 3.0 interface, look at actual test video below.


    We tested the most important, is also the biggest bottleneck file is written to copy a 1257 MB file to Exynos5410 device, which took 50 seconds, on average have 25 MB per second write speed, has been greatly more than the biggest write speed. The PC environment as well as performance, have an effect on writing, in actual use of the TG E1, copying large files, quickly can write speed is 35 MB per second, if under ideal condition, should be able to gain a higher data.

    As a flagship product, carrying octa core processor, 2 gb memory, 16 gb of built-in storage, built-in WCDMA 3 g, with GPS, and USB 3.0 high speed interface, Teamgee TG E1 in each aspect has achieved good level, with a price of $317.99, compared with similar products, competitiveness is very obvious, the product can go to the website to see the detailed parameters, such as:

    TG Teamgee Super 8 E1 Eight-Core Tablet Phablet with Android 4.2 OS 8.1 Inch 1280x800 IPS Screen 3G Phone Call GPS Dual Camera Bluetooth HDMI 2GB RAM 16GB ROM - China Electronics Wholesale - Consumer Electronics Gadgets Dropship From China