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    This sucks!

    I didn't think I talked to my friend as long as I did but wow I feel so broke right now and I JUST turned 20 on Sunday, I'm trying to really save money and I get a bill for 374 dollars, and 80 of it was because of the late fee! >.< being 1 day late, oops.

    So I did a bunch of fail and i know it, it's my fault. But thats not why I'm making this thread.

    I am getting an Archos 101 and I think, especially now, I'm forced to get a very cheap unlimited or just a cheap at least free mobile to mobile talk and text, flip phone.
    But I'll be using the droid and archos for all my nerd needs, of course no internet and stuff for droid but of course I probably wont use that much when I get my 10.1" tablet version of it lol

    What is the price to cancel a contract over 1 year in? Because I can switch phone companies and join my familys plan and have a free phone bill and not worry every month, and have my android love in my droid/ archos.

    I mean it's not hard to put apks on the droid if I need to do something on a "dead" droid. But like I said, probably only use the droid for mobile gaming and stuff after it gets cut off.

    This really sucks though, I'm glad I got $90 for my birthday in all but then again I bought other things for the gf's VDAY.

    Lets just say waiting 12 months to get my deposit back, getting 312 dollars from verizon doesn't even cover this but if helps a lot, but still it's all a big lose lose, just thought I'd share this story.
    I mainly want to know how much an early extermination costs and does it matter how long I'm in the contract? I assume not, but I think personally I really should get a cheap crap phone for the time being.
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    Dude - call Verizon and tell them what happened. Ask if there is a better plan for you and see if they can help you out. Sometimes they do...believe it or not.

    Then, get a Google Voice number and download the GV app.

    After that, add the Google Voice number to your plan as one of your 5 friends and family numbers and only use that number.

    This will save you a lot of money.