Exciting New Rom Brings the Razr HD experience to the Droid 4!

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    Are you jonesin for a new phone but you can't convince the wife to take the trusty ole Droid 4 so you can grab a new Razr HD? No problem developer "myfishbear" has fixed up a nice little rom with you in mind! Droid4HD is the closest thing to Motorola's new HD/M series for the Droid 4. There are 2 versions of the phone. One version is the full experience Razr HD Rom and the other is a lite De-Bloated version. This Rom includes the latest version of smart actiosn, chrome browser, colors, NFL, VVM, Flash, new widgets, all the new messaging features, less bloated verizon apps, and much more! You should only install this via Safestrap either 2.11 or 3.05. Myfishbear includes a full NOOB install guide so plus one for that. He has also included a speedscript, Oc patches, and other optional patches that can be flashed as well.


    This Rom looks freakin SWEET!

    Grab it here
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