Exchange services using massive amounts of data after ics.

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    About a week after receiving the OTA ICS update on my razr maxx I got a text warning stating I was at about 1/2 my monthly allotment of 2GB. This surprised me as I never go over about .5GB a month (heavy wifi user) and this was only 7 days into the billing period.

    Checking my data usage on the phone shows 1.10 GB used in the same period by "exchange services" which is of course email. It says almost all of it was "background data". I have turned off background data when not on wifi but this is IMO a temporary solution

    Any idea what is going on? I have not received any abnormally large emails data wise nor an abnormal amount of them. Also never had any issues before ICS.

    This last part might be paranoia on my part but I have also been seeing my home internet dragging lately and shutting down the phone seems to fix it. Almost makes me think it is constantly using data.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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