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    Ok so when I first set up the Droid with my exchange server email at work, everything worked like a champ, and setup was very straightforward. Able to send and receive emails on the droid without any problems.

    My office domain password expired and I had to change it (typical 60 day expiration) about 1 week ago.

    After that I could not receive OR send emails using that account on the Droid. I went into the account settings and updated the password on the Droid which only lists the incoming server settings, and I was able to receive but not SEND email using that account.

    I called our IT desk and apparently there is no special PIN or anything for the outgoing server, and he had no clue what to do.

    I deleted that account and set it up again using the new password, and now I am able to receive AND send email using that account.

    Question: Is that "normal" for the Android email application? Is there a place to change the outgoing server settings for an exchange account, or do I need to delete it and set it up again every time the password changes? Not a huge deal since no data is lost but is a PITA.
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