Exchange 2010 SP1 Active Sync Solved

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    Today I decided to do a bunch of research on the issue to see if there was a fix for the wonderful active sync for the droid to exchange 2010 and came across an article in which has had little notice so i thought i would post the fix here. I can say with 100% honesty that i have tested it and proved it really fixes it. The problem seemed to be that the exchange default policy was blocking android connections. I have done this with a new account not an existing one so im not sure how it will act but im pretty sure it will do the same thing i have experienced. here is the steps:

    1) Remove the Android mobile devces affected from each users mailboxes.
    2) Remove the Default (and any other ActiveSync) policy using EMC (we had to use EMS) -- Remove-ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy -id Default
    Note: this will set all user to no activesync policy (this is what we want temporarily)....
    3) Setup the Andriod phones to sync and let them get past the initial syncronization.
    4) Recreated the ActiveSync Policy and set it back to default - (this will reapply the policy to all mailboxes).
    (optional i didnt restore the policy but you can)
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