"Evil Corporation" has a face behind it

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    I am following a few health and fitness channels and one of the tweets I see on the regular is about the evil Coca-Cola corporation. As a person who fell for marketing ploys in the past I was quick to want to jump on board.

    But today after hearing a person who works in a high level position at Coca-Cola speak on other issues, such as balancing work, family, and the opportunities the job afforded, I begin to be reminded that there are faces behind these corporations.

    Look I am not going to say Coca-Cola shutting down people and companies for speaking against the health risks of consuming their products is ethical. But I'm not ready to say down with the company.

    Despite some of their questionable advertising practices, they do support a lot of community organizations as well as provide jobs for millions of Americans. Plus they donate to a number of charities, and provide opportunities.

    My point is that if we demanded a company be shut down because they failed to live up to our expectations there would be a lot of people looking for work. But at the same time as a customer you still have a voice and that voice could either uplift or bring down a company's profits.

    I am not saying as a consumer, take what a company gives you. No, I believe we have a voice. And you as a consumer should use it if a company is failing to meet expectations. But before we go looking to villainize just remember that there are mothers, fathers, and friends looking to be able to provide a living for their families and support their local community.