ESPN College Football App Now Supported On HTC One and Galaxy S4

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    There is nothing worse than finding out about an awesome new app or game, rushing home to download it, and then being greated by the screen telling you that the app is not currently supported on your device. Their are quite a few great football apps on the play store. One of my favorites has to be the bleacher report team stream, however one of the juggernauts of sports media had released a college football specific app that was outstanding. The only issue is that they have been having trouble keeping it compatible with the newest devices. Keeping an app current is pretty easy on Iphones since they are only refreshed once a year. Hundreds of Android devices are released every year which can make keeping Android apps current for all new devices a bit more difficult.

    ESPN released an update today for the College Football app that makes it supported on all of the most recent devices. The college football app now works on the HTC One, Galaxy S4, and other devices. If you haven't already head to the play store to update this app.

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