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    Ive been using OSmonitor and love that it allows you to check either logcat or dmesg and that it allows you to filter them based on category. When I set the filter to "errors" all these errors come up:

    [ERROR]  Unknown boot option `androidboot.bootloader=2C6C0': ignoring  
    [ERROR]  Unknown boot option `androidboot.serialno=040368280A010018':  ignoring  06/01/2010 17:15:51 
    [ERROR]  regulator_check_voltage: operation not allowed for vaudio  06/01/2010 17:15:51 
    [ERROR]  omap2-nand: irqstatus set on cmd entry ff  06/01/2010 17:15:52 
    [ERROR]  hub 1-0:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port 3  06/01/2010 17:15:52 
    [ERROR]  omap_hdq omap_hdq.0: break wait elapsed  06/01/2010 17:15:55 
    [ERROR]  Power Management for TI OMAP3.  06/01/2010 17:15:55 
    [ERROR]  FIXME: no omap_set_dma_color_mode on 24xx  06/01/2010 17:15:55 
    [ERROR]  regulator_check_voltage: operation not allowed for vusb  06/01/2010 17:15:56 
    [ERROR]  Registered hplens as V4L2 device.  06/01/2010 17:16:02 
    [ERROR]  init: cannot find '/system/bin/playmp3', disabling 'bootsound'  06/01/2010 17:17:23 
    [ERROR]  binder: 1772: binder_alloc_buf, no vma
    Is there anyway to fix these?
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