Eris root, EASY TO DO!

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    Universal Eris Root for Dummies! - Android Forums

    All credit goes to the creator and editor of THAT thread.

    Personal notes: The steps were easy to follow, but make sure, make DAMN sure you install APP2SD (somebody can help you find the tutorial, I'm sure, I lost the link, sorry) first. Without this, you won't be able to put most ROMS on. My phone reset and froze about 20 times before I backed it up and started over.

    And please, guys, make a back up. I completed my first root today, but it WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED without creating a backup. No matter how advanced you are, or how new, BACKUP, BACKUP,BACKUP! Don't be that guy! :D

    Other than that, if you're afraid, just go for it. I did, and while I don't know how to overclock or do anything super cool yet, it's nice to know the option is there, and when more time comes, I'll research as I did before, and continue using my phone.

    *As seen in the "hacking help" section of this website. Just thought I'd post it here for my fellow Eris users. Enjoy guys!*
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