Eric Schmidt Says Google's New Products 'Phenomenal'; Android 1.5M Activations/Day

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    Recently at the Dive Into Mobile conference, Eric Schmidt shared some juicy teaser intel about Google, Motorola and Android. First, he made it clear just how much Android is taking over the world. It is now up to 1.5 million activations per day, as compared to 1.3 million last fall. He made the bold, yet attainable, claim that Android is likely to reach 1 billion total activations by the end of the year. (It currently sits at 750 million.) He shared this number will be bolstered in the future because he expects the $100 price point for Android devices will eventually become the norm.

    The most exciting, (if vague) teaser he shared was in reference to future Android handsets. He indicated that the next generation of Motorola devices will be "phones plus" and also added that Motorola's newest handsets "are phenomenal."

    Of course, he didn't share any specifics, but his comments do get the imagination wandering. Here's a quote from him regarding Motorola's new products,

    That's not all he shared. He also quipped a few tidbits about Google's newest super-gadget, Google Glass. Here's another quote with the details,

    He makes a valid point. It wasn't too many years ago when folks "poo-poo'ed" the idea of touch-based tablets. Look how that turned out.

    Source: AllThingsD
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    I'd like to know where all these "phenomenal devices" for $100 are.
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