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Discussion in 'ENSQUARED' started by n2_edmond, Oct 10, 2010.

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    Ensquared the #1 phone insurance comparison site on the Internet now offers you phone insurance with exceptional benefits for covering accidental damage, lost and stolen for your favorite brand devices.

    When you insure with your provider you simply have to meet all their requirements at the same time – if just one is missing, you do not qualify. These include having to buy your device from them, activate with them and insure very quickly at activation or soon thereafter (maximum a month). Miss on just one and you cannot get provider insurance. The alternative to date (SquareTrade) has been based on capped maximum value warranties of $599 or less that dilute down as you make claims. This may only be good for 1 claim in the case of a smartphone. Further, SquareTrade do not cover Lost & Stolen and confine themselves to Accidental Damage and Extended Warranty only.

    Ensquared phone insurance now offers you competitive premiums and way more flexibility from as little as $4.16 per month with deductibles no higher than $75. What is more, you have at least two claims in one year and three if you take the two-year program with up to $1000 per claim unaffected by any prior claim. Ensquared have closed the major gaps in the phone insurance market in a major way allowing you the customer to buy on line no matter where you bought your device from or whom you activated with, up to 90 days after activation. All supported by reputable claims operators and rated underwriters. See how we compare:

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