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    With phone screens seemingly growing every year you are probably starting to experience some thumb cramping, or you may just find that it is impossible to reach the upper opposite side of the screen and you are forced to revert to using two hands. There are devices like the Galaxy Note series and even the iPhone 6s Plus which include reachability modes. Using Overscan which is built into Android to keep certain apps from overfilling the screen, you can enable one handed mode on your device.

    This requires that you are rooted, and you must be using Android 4.3 or better. You will also need to be able to use adb commands which means you will need the SDK or atleast adb and fastboot files on your PC. Once this setting is applies it will persists through reboots. So you should make sure not to set this so low that your device is not usable.

    Use the command "wm overscan LEFT, TOP, RIGHT, BOTTOM". Use the values you would like to shrink your screen. If you want to shrink it down to make it more reachable edit the "TOP" portion. To mimic Apple's reachability do half your screens height for TOP. To reset this use the command "wm overscan reset".

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