Enable Free Wifi Tehter On The Sprint HTC One M9

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    If you have an unlimited data plan then count yourself lucky. There are not many unlimited data plans around these days, and the ones that are left are too often not truely unlimited imposing throttling after you reach a certain amount of data used. If you have an HTC One M9 on a Sprint unlimited data plan you will be happy to know that there is a method for sharing that data with other devices via free wifi tethering. You will need to be rooted.

    1. Install the SQLite Editor App
    2. Open the app and grant root access, tap Open Database
    3. head to /data/data/com.android.providers.telephony/databases and select Cdmaapn.db
    4. Edit the Entry LTE-SPCS INTERNET, add ",dun" to the end
    5. Edit the Entry eHRPD-SPCS INTERNET, add ",dun" to the end
    6. Download the 55tether file to your phone
    7. Open up a root file browser
    8. copy the 55tether file to the system » etc » init.d directory of your device
    9. change permissions to of the file to match the others in the folder
    10. finally reboot your device and enjoy!

    via XDA
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