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    Ok... I've seen a lot of threads related to this issue, but no solutions to my situation yet.

    I have Droid X w/ Froyo and have multiple emails accounts that I would like to receive on the X both business and personal accounts without filtering through a third party.

    The emails were working great, until I opened Outlook. I was receiving and sending emails regularly from any of my email accounts. After using Outlook on my laptop, the X quit working with my emails. Even over the course of the weekend when my Outlook was turned off, I wouldn't receive emails unless I hit the refresh manually, and it wouldn't send them at all.

    The only way I was able to get emails, was to sync manually, and any of my sent emails were getting stuck in the outbox.

    I finally got it working again this morning, but I had to go through the set up process again, and had Outlook turned off. So, I don't know if I found a solution or just got around the situation temporarily. I guess we'll see after opening Outlook on my laptop.

    Of course gmail worked flawlessly...
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