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    I just got my Droid Pro a few weeks ago- there's a lot to learn, but I'm starting to get the hang of it. I set up several different email accounts and have had no problems...until recently I noticed on my school email account that any time I opened an email on the Droid, it still showed up as unopened when I would check the account on my computer. When I would delete these emails from my phone, they wouldn't delete from my account when I viewed it on my computer- that's fine, I want to be able to delete from my phone and still have them on the server. However, I don't understand why on the server, they are still marked unread? also, if I try deleting anything on the server, it won't delete- I keep refreshing it after every delete, and they won't for a very long time. I didn't have this problem until after synching my account with my Droid. Very strange. I have this email account set up as IMAP on my phone. So basically, if I've read an email on my phone, I want that to show up the next time I use my computer for my account- also I want to be able to delete emails from my server without them showing up again.

    What can I do?