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    I have a Samsung GTI9082 Galaxy Grand Duos mobile with me.

    I have configured active exchange server email. It is working fine in all features except one particular feature. To give you an example, I have received a email from Mr.ABC of Samsung India Ltd and this is lying in my inbox. I want to forward to this mail to my friend Mr.XYZ. So I opened the mail and clicked "forward" and sent it to my friend Mr.XYZ. My friend Mr.XYZ received the mail but he cannot see the email ID of Mr.ABC though the name of Mr.ABC is visible. I mean, only name is visible and not the email ID. It is essential that Mr.XYZ is able to see the email ID also, so that he can make further communication with Mr.ABC directly. In such a scenario, Mr.XYZ writes back to me to provide him the email ID of Mr.ABC and then I have to manually copy the email from the original mail and forward it to Mr.XYZ. These are all cumbersome and inconvenient.

    I also own a Samsung Note 510 and configured the same email in this Note. Surprisingly the above mentioned issue was not found when the mail was forwarded from my Note.

    I also tried installing alternate mail applications like Maildroid etc and with these also I did not observe this kind of issue.

    I have cross verified the settings in my Grand Duos and Note 510 and everything seems alright. I don't understand what is the problem with the email app in my Grand Duos.

    I do not want to use alternate email application like Maildroid because they are neither secure nor feature rich. I am comfortable with the inbuilt email app in my Grand Duos but this issue is causing me a lot of inconvenience.

    Are you in a position to assist me in resolving this issue?


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