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    Must be a bad joke. Either that or I'm missing something...

    Suppose I setup an aim/aol email account. Sent messages are not only *not* sync'd to the server, which is odd because the account gets setup as IMAP, but the DX apparently doesn't even keep a copy of the sent message. If I click folders and then Sent I just see the messages that are in my Sent folder already on the server. There is no record of the message I just sent. Is this really the designed behavior? Not synching to my mailbox is bad enough, but I can live with it as long as I have a copy of the sent message for reference on my device. Without that this thing is nothing but a toy and I might have to turn my BB back on... and I really don't want to have to do that.

    EDIT: Hotmail, which sets up as a POP account does store a copy of sent messages ON the DX (but obviously not on the server because it's a POP account). So my question is... why isn't the DX putting a copy of sent messages in the IMAP SENT folder on the aim server?
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