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Discussion in 'Motorola Droid 2' started by Mikej7, Sep 20, 2010.

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    Getting ready to pickup the DROID2, however have a couple questions for you experts:
    1. I want to use my corporate MS Exchange Email as my Primary email account - can I do this? (vs. my secondary)I have read where you must setup a Gmail address as primary, it this true? I have one MS Exchange email and two personal that are not Gmail, I just do not want to be forced to use Gmail, is this possible?
    2. Is there a way around keeping my Facebook friends out of my contacts? I am reading all sorts of stuff and since I do not have the phone yet, I need advice. I want to use the Facebook App, however; I do not want them in my contacts - doable?

    I know that there is a issue with some MS Exchange users where the push is not working properly as a secondary email account and see that Motorola says it is now in the hands of Google to release the fix to Verizon, so I will have to wait for that, this news was just posted yesterday by Motorola.
    Any assistance/feedback will be appreciated.
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