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Discussion in 'Android Themes' started by StingRay, May 29, 2010.

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    This isn't really a theming question, but is related to how to change colors to match a theme....

    Anyone using the exchange email app has colored bars down the left side of each email message (with a black background). The colors range from pink to gold to blue to red to cyan, etc. It appears that the color is randomly generated, as anytime I have to reconnect to my exchange server (after loading a new ROM) it will randomly come back with a different set of colored bars....

    Does anyone know if there is any way to control the color of the bars? It would be neat to have these bars match the particular theme that I happened to be using at the time. I've looked in settings in the exchange email, but not much customization is allowed there...

    Probably a crazy question, but with all of the great themers out there I thought I'd ask...thanks in advance!