Elon Musk Planning to Put Android and Chrome in Tesla Model S

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    For fans of evolving technology in general regardless of the industry, it's easy to be impressed with the Tesla Model S. The company and their cars push the technology envelope in many new directions. The latest potential advancement which might show up in the Tesla S is actually Android. For those who don't know it, the Tesla Model S comes equipped with a 17-inch touchscreen for several different car functions and features. It can also serve as an always on rear camera. According to some recent statements by Elon Musk, the innovative founder of Tesla Motors, he is considering bringing an emulated version of Android to this touch screen for even more functionality than ever before. He is even talking about replacing the on board browser in the car with Google Chrome.

    At first, they are working on ways to port Android apps to the car on Linux using the Qt application framework, but future development could lead to a full version of Android in the car. Sadly, you probably shouldn't rush out and buy one of these $80k-100k cars just for that reason yet. The development is in an ongoing process and won't lead to fruitful results until late 2014. Still, it's amazing to see someone finally see that Android could be a great OS for a car. Share your perspective.

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