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    This reminders app combines elegance with a set of extremely handy functions. Choose from two types of reminders (Simple and Advanced). Pick the one that's right for you so you don't waste time with unnecessary settings. Remind yourself to call or send a text message to someone at a certain time.
    Simply enter the phone number of the person, enter your message, and you'll be reminded when its time to contact that person.

    You can also customize your reminder to alert you after a certain amount of time (eg. After 5 mins, After 15 mins, After 20mins, etc). For a more solid reminder, you can set the alarm to go off at a certain date/time. You can also have the reminder recur periodically throughout the week, month, and year!

    Add notes to your reminders to store those small details that are so hard to remember.

    Share your reminders via text messaging or email with your friends.

    Repeating alerts mean that you won't miss out on any reminder alerts. Even if you're away from your phone/tablet, the app will keep sounding an alert for the time interval that you specify and it won't stop until you respond to it.

    You can customize your alert type and have it make a sound, vibrate, or flash your LED light. You can also disable these options all together (or individually) for a silent "to-do" task.

    Edit reminders to modify your current ones, instead of deleting them and starting all over again.

    Find it on Google Play!