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    Hey guys,

    In an effort to spread its popularity, I though I would share my open-source app, ElectricSleep here. It has been in beta for a couple months and is starting to get pretty stable and more and more feature rich.

    ==boilerplate from market:
    Improve the quality of your sleep with this smart alarm clock.
    ElectricSleep is an alarm clock that records your sleep cycles and wakes you up gently during a light sleep cycle. The sleep data it records is saved and analyzed so that you can understand and improve upon your sleeping habits.

    Please donate to support development!

    records and saves your sleep cycle data.
    alarm clock gently wakes you during light sleep.
    analyzes sleep trends (debt, quality, duration, etc.)

    Market Download:

    Manual Download:
    Downloads - electricsleep - Project Hosting on Google Code

    Source Code:
    / - electricsleep - Project Hosting on Google Code