Editing framwork of Custom ROM

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    I have been trying to take the UltimateDroid and add a framework-res.apk that I took from RedMan's stock theme and flash it to my phone. I unzipped everything from the ROM, changed out the framework-res.apk file, and zipped it and put it on my SD card. I then used a program on my phone called SignAPKtic to sign the ZIP with a testkey and platform key and tried flashing it in SPRecovery.

    The flashing gets to the verification stage, starts installing update, and gets aborted.

    I am not signing the APK file because I was under the impression that by signing the zip all of the files inside of it get signed. Should I be signing the APK file itself? Is there another way that I should be signing the file? I tried using a bunch of different programs on my laptop, but I kept getting the java errors that say I don't have java installed (but I must have installed like five different java sdk packs).

    If all I want to do is change out the framework-res and a few apps (like the Phone.apk) is there a better way to go about doing all of this? I tried to generate a simple theme, but I found that never built properly.

    With BD constantly updating his ROM, it kind of makes it counter-intuitive to wait for a themer to make a basic theme such as a stock theme. If I could figure out how to do it myself, it would be a great advantage to be able to do everything on my own.

    I have been scouring the internet for guides and help and how-tos but it seems that people have really kept this knowledge to themselves. Anything that you guys can tell me would be greatly appreciated.
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