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    can someone walk me through editing a launcher so that i may modify a helix 1 to not have the squares? i wanna have a helix that is invisible pretty much. i tried but i unzip the launcher deleted the pics i didnt want and tried to rezip it and rename it. I was not able to install the new .apk but i didnt know what i was doing.

    any takers?

    email me at 561427@gmail.com
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    You can't delete the pictures, you can only modify them. I'l try to give a quick tutorial:
    Take the .apk from your phone onto your computer and change it to a .zip
    Open it up and look in the "Drawable HDPI" folder (or something like that)
    You should see the icons for the squares now.
    Open them in an editor, perhaps Paint, and erase the pixels so that you have a completely transparent picture.
    Save it under the same name in the same place as the original in a .png format
    Do this for everything you want transparent!!!!
    Hopefully you never unzipped the file and you can change the .zip ending back to .apk
    Uninstall the Helix on your phone
    Move the new .apk to your sdcard and install it using ASTRO or something of the sort
    Tell me if it worked and if it did, post your .apk on the site so others can use it!
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