edit search box on market, youtube etc.

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    Ok, there is usually an easy or simply way to do something, but for the life of me I can not find this one.

    I go to the market and search for something, lets say application x, It searches for it and gives me a list. Ok, so now I think "oops, I ment application y"

    I click on search, and it displays my search history. So application x is displayed there and i click it. it of course takes me to the search for application x.

    I would like to either copy or click the item in the history and it populate the search box, then edit the search "application x" to "application y".

    This happens in the youtube search as well.
    If I search for "angry birds 1-1" and then want to search for "angry birds 1-2" I have to type the whole thing in again. Not that I would cheat at angry birds :)

    Ok, sorry about long post about stupid thing, but its the little things that are the most annoying :)

    Thanks for any help!