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Discussion in 'Android Hacks and Help' started by marcosmendez, Jan 5, 2011.

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    Is there a good fast easy why to root as of todays version of stock software
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    Google z4root. Its a free one-click rooting solution. You also must have Koush DroidX Recovery Bootstrap. Its in the market. Then you need to find a Rom and install it with the Recovery.

    Heres a tutorial on using z4root;

    Koush Bootstrap;

    Here are some ROMS;

    Make sure you are on the most current VZW software. Go to about screen and verify under System version; Version.2.3.340.MB810. Once thats done, open z4root, click the permanent root. It will take a long time, sometimes it takes two times doing this, or may not "Stick" the first time. Once it is rooted you should have a superuser and a terminal emulator app in the app drawer. Then go to the DroidX Recovery Bootstrap. Click on the "Bootstrap Recovery" and reboot phone from the app. After turning off it will boot into the Recovery screen which allows you to load .zip onto the phone, backup/restore, and many other advanced settings. This is where you navigate to the ROM that you want using the Volume key to navigate and camera key to make your selections.

    Before you do anything make a backup from the recovery screen. Always keep this as you will need it to restore.

    Lmao! Its for an Eco 4G? Guess I should read before I post as Im on a Droid. Disregard the roms. I think z4root supports your phone but check first. And I don't think Koushs bootstrap will work. But let me know!

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