Eaton Rom v1.5.1 By Dev Team GTP

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    Eaton Rom v1.5.1

    Team GTP presents Eaton Rom for the HTC Thunderbolt


    We have worked very hard at making this build as stable as possible. Phone runs smooth and is meant to be used as a "daily driver." We pride ourselves on making very stable roms that you can flash and not have to worry about. So far testing has produced no issues but please report any you may find. We will be making our own custom kernel edits in the future to improve battery life and also will be working to optimize the framework to help with phone performance as well. For best results it is recommended you wipe data for best results.

    This is a minor update, the next update will include the Power Control in the status bar, removed gps icon and the extended reboot options. The framework for mr2 has had some changes so we want to make sure everything is really polished off before we push the framework changes. Also, kernel edits are in the works as well :)

    You have to use the leaked MR2 Radio that was leaked a few days ago. The radio can be downloaded below, just make sure you rename the radio to PG05IMG and flash the radio from hboot.
    MD5: 4072b5954bf0032103b62c5ae69cb13e
    Approx. 26 MB

    Download (flash through clockwork):

    • Based off the leaked MR2 RUU
      busybox added
      Removed Default HTC music application and replaced with songbird (saves resources)
      Replaced stock browser with Dolphin HD (thanks dolphin team)
      Added SMS Backup (Thanks Ritesh Sahu)
      Added Chrome to phone (Thanks Google)
      Custom Animations (thanks mendozinas)
      Custom Battery Indicator (thanks mendozinas)
      Minor build prop and framework tweaks
      Updated to 1.5.1 with market fix

    If you are not currently running the radio and want to flash our rom flash the radio first in hboot. With your phone plugged in to your computer open up adb and use the "adb reboot recovery" command to go right from hboot to clockwork and flash the zip file you downloaded above. If you need help with this just ask and I will walk you through it. Also, if you have any questions at all please feel free to ask on our forums at, we will be more then happy to help fix any issues :)

    [*]If you download our rom and find something we did not credit you for please feel free to send us an email at and we will immediately correct it for you. Also, we request that you do not mirror any of our roms without express permission from either myself or yoda2.

    [*] ​

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