"Easy and free" way to sync contacts to your Incredible from Outlook w/o gmail

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    My company will not let me view my Gmail account from the company PC. They also do not allow exporting contacts either. Because of this I had to find a creative way to move my contacts. I asked in one thread but either no one knew or it was just the wrong place to ask.

    I did some research and found that HTC has software for syncing but they do not include the Incredible as one of the supported phones. I took my chances and downloaded the next best thing, software that supports the Legend. I found this in the support section of the htc site.

    Once opened, the program takes a while to unpack and load and it tested my patience but I watched. When it was all done I plugged my phone into the computer and chose sync mode. From that point forward I paid attention to the software on the PC.

    When the application comes up it will correctly ID your model number and then verify the capabilities of the phone. Then you choose the type of outlook you are connecting to and then follow the instructions. And wait...

    I would love to give you a step by step but I do not remember exactly except I just continued to make the most intuitive move to get to my goal.

    Twice I told the phone to sync when my patience ran out and twice it said "failed". All the while the progress bar on the software on the PC incremented slowly.

    Then all at once it said it was sending the contacts to my phone. I looked at the phone and saw no change during this time but when the Sync software said it was done I unplugged the phone and sure enough there were my contacts.


    There is more that I did to massage the contacts from Verizon but I will get into that later if anyone is interested.
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