Easily Unlock the HTC Rezound with the Rezound Auto Unlocker Tool

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    HTC is begging to embrace the developer community more and more these days. Last year they introduced HTCdev.com which provided a pretty straightforward way of unlocking any HTC device. This method is straightforward for some folks who have been jumping through hoops to unlock bootloaders or gain root access for a while, but may be difficult for someone who has never rooted or modded their phone in any way. We know that it is normally better to learn the manual way to mod your device, the masses love the auto one click methods. Everyone should be able to mod their device even if they don't have time to study and learn the manual ways! Developer "Fenguepay" has created an auto unlocker tool for the HTC Rezound. Simply run the tool to unlock your bootloader. From there you can install a custom recovery, flash roms, tweaks, bootanimations, and more! This tool is still beta and as such may have a few bugs.

    Grab the Unlocker Tool via XDA

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