Easily Add Touchwiz and S-Voice to your Galaxy Nexus via flashable MOD!

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    Last week S-Voice and all of the new Touchwiz apps that were to be released exclusively on the Samsung Galaxy SIII were leaked for everyone to enjoy. I don't know about you but actually installing and using those apps was a pretty difficult process for me, and although I did finally get the S-Voice to install onto my Galaxy Nexus I never could get it to work properly. I just got all sorts of errors. If you had the same issues as me no worries! Madphone over at XDA put together a nice flashable zip MOD to add not only S-Voice and other apps, but also the whole look and feel of the Touchwiz launcher essentially turning your Galaxy Nexus into a Galaxy SIII! Pretty sweet if you ask me! It should be noted that this will only work if you are flashing this over CM9 or AOKP. It is incredibly easy to install just download the 2 zip files, then wipe data, then install the files. I would also highly recommend making a full nandroid backup of your current system incase Touchwiz isn't for you.

    Grab the files and MOd away via Droid-Life

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