Dxtop with HelixLauncher-like bottom bar?

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    Is it possible to get the HelixLauncher type app bar at the bottom of Dxtop? I want to theme my Moto Droid to have more of a black and white feel to it, rather than all the colored icons, plus I want the ability to rename icons, but I also really like the bottom bar of HelixLauncher. Is it possible to add in that type of bar somehow to Dxtop? Or is there a way to theme my phone while using HelixLauncher instead?

    Ok so I figured out that if I swipe down by the application bar, it gives me the little bar where I can add applications. But can I combine the two? So I don't have to swipe? Is there a way I can put the application drawer in the middle of the apps I put down there?
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