DX still on Froyo; Sys wants to update to 4.5.605

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    Hi all,

    My DX uses service from PagePlus (VZ mvno).

    Around Jan/2011, I allowed an OTA update to system version 2.3.340 (and I think Froyo 2.2.1 at the same time? or maybe that was a separate OTA? I can't recall). I also grabbed a copy of Z4 and rooted the phone.

    OK. Since then, no issues, and I've been putting off (for months) looking into updating the phone to GingerBread.

    Today the phone wants to Install an already downloaded system version 4.5.605, to which I keep saying later (until I can get some questions answered), as I've read that *.605 is a fix to GB which I do not yet have loaded onto this phone.

    **Sorry in advance if some of these questions are ignorant and "fact-mixing" as admittedly I haven't spent nearly as much time as I'd planned on emmersing myself into the workings of this phone.**

    (keep in mind I'm a PagePlus customer, not a VZW customer. don't know if that even matters)

    I have Froyo. Will allowing the 4.5.605 install be detrimental to my DX's operations, since *.605 is intended to fix issues (keyboard, etc) with GB?

    Should I manually persue an update to GB before allowing this *.605 to be installed?

    Will I loose root access? And can I get it back (important since I greatly utilize Droidwall to manage my 3G/Wifi access and usage being on PagePlus PAYG)

    Will I loose installed apps (CoPilot, etc), and/or data I've accumaulated on the phone?

    Can someone kindly point me toward a process/thread I should follow given my circumstances?

    Thanks in advance for you patience and assistance.
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