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    Welcome to DX's official Thread at Droidforums!

    We are about to start a wonderful journey together where we'll share everything about Android devices and accessories on DX.com

    In order to keep the forum clean, We've created different tags to find information faster and easily.

    Here is the breakdown of this posting mode:

    [Announcement] - For official DX's announcements.

    [Campaign] - DX special events and seasonal campaigns, from Christmas to Mother´s Day... there's always a good excuse to find big discounts and prizes!

    [CLOSED] - For old/expired events

    [Clearance Zone] - Hunt for Great Discounts and unexpected offers!

    [Giveaway] - The place for Competitions, Games and Giveaways. Prizes and discounts every month!

    [Q&A] - This is the thread for questions, issues, complaints, for and about DX. So if there's something you don't understand about how DX works, product/shipping or additional information details, etc., you can contact us here. We'll do our best to answer your questions.

    [Monthly Discount] - Every month you'll find great discounts for selected products, exclusive for you.

    [New Arrivals] - You´ll find the latest releases in this thread.

    [Review] - If you're interested in reviewing some product you've bought in DX, this tag must be written at the beginning of the Topic's Title. Check the Review Index topic to see what's new.

    [Suggestion Board] - We need your help to improve our service! We want to hear from you! If you have any suggestion for a better customer experience, this is your place.

    [Users' Corner] - This is the place where you can share your findings, deals, first impressions, comments about products, etc. Here you are our guest, all of you are welcomed to discuss about DX's Flashlights.

    DX Team~
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