DX Bluetooth = No Good on Panasonic KX-TG65xx DECT 2.0 Phones

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    Panasonic is a new DECT 2.0 Link-to-Cell home phone unit.
    Amazon.com: Panasonic KX-TG6583T DECT 6.0 PLUS Link-to-Cell Bluetooth Convergence Solution with 3 Handsets: Electronics

    As stated - tried all options on / off in the Bluetooth settings on DX, and in the Panasonic phone menu.

    Old LG VX-8700 works fine.

    Can PLACE calls over the Panasonic system / Droid X without any problem. Issue is INCOMING calls come through and ring, caller ID included, on the Panasonic handsets, but when answered there is no audio on the Panasonic handset, and the "talk timer" display on the handset does not begin.

    Pressing "off" on the panasonic does end the call (even though you were not able to hear any of it). Also, there is no out-going audio to the person calling you either.

    If you go to the DX during such an incoming call, and push "speaker" on the DX phone screen, then switch back to "Bluetooth", then press "Talk" again on the Panasonic, it will pass audio.

    This isn't a workaround as the DX is usually not in the place where the Panasonic handset would be.

    Any way to force or control Bluetooth parameters / compatibilty modes on the DX?

    Any ideas, or is this a "wait for 2.2" situation?
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