DVD and Blu-Ray Digital Copy officially comes to Android this Fall

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    Ever head over to say, Best Buy, and buy a Blu-Ray movie and notice on the front there's a sticker that says, "Digital Copy included"? Well normally that's only compatible with iTunes or downloading the video file outright. Well instead of having to hog up 1gig of memory to put a movie on your phone, 20th Century Fox is now adding their Digital Copies to our loving Android OS system.

    Fox will be using the power of Google’s Widevine DRM to control access to their films. It’s a system currently being used by companies like Blockbuster in their movie app. Reportedly, you can look forward to X-Men: First Class to being the first movie officially to come as a digital copy in the US, UK, France, and Germany. And if this works out, hopefully other movie companies will follow with.

    What do you guys think? Is this anything you guys would take advantage of or care about?
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