Dumping Verizon-No Merger... Small Rant :0

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    I have been with VZW since the day you were allowed to port your number from other carriers. I was with AT&T from 1994 to 2004.. Any-who, Verizon REFUSES to bring on a pure Google Phone. i.e. Nexus, Nexus S, or the new LG G2X. In fact they are going the other direction -FULL LOCK DOWN! I am so frustrated by Verizon's policies, lack of updates, pricing, and rules, (no more one year contracts etc.). I had the OG Droid from day one which was great, albeit long in the tooth. I rooted and flashed roms at will, removed any app, etc. I am tinkerer... However, after a screen breakage, Asurion sent me a Droid 2 Global... This phone is ok, its fast, but Motoblur has to be the UGLIEST "skin" ever, and it slows the phone down plus eats even more battery. Blur also adds Verizon RED everywhere where android green should be! It has double the files the OG Droid had, it's bloated with crap-ware, and even the extended battery gets chewed apart.. I did get root and froze 55 apps/files/processes with Titanium Backup. I am very unsatisfied at phone selection and Verizon overall... Is it really so hard to get a PURE vanilla Google experience phone? COME ON VERIZON! OK rant over, feel free to agree or disagree.

    P.S. We should ALL write to the FCC to encourage them to block ANY merger with AT&T and T-Mobile. The carrier policies are becoming more stringent and MORE expensive for LESS service. Do we really want just VZW and AT&T.. NO!!! [I can see VZW targeting Sprint next]

    Some of the MANY Petitions:

    https://secure.consumersunion.org/site/Advocacy? cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=2479

    FCC begins review of AT&T's T-Mobile deal « Gadget Reports | Net Neutrality

    Android Users against the T-Mobile takeover | Facebook

    Petition to stop AT&T Tmobile merger

    I signed all of them!