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    I don't know this thread should go, but since I have an s3 now, I put it here. So here goes... I signed up with verizon over a year ago, started out with the bionic. Had a few glitches and constant dropped calls, they sent another bionic, same problems occured plus a new one, then sent a razor, nice phone btw but was getting hot, dropping calls worse than the bionic, so iater I was diagnosed with non hodgekins and during this year I got approved for early upgrade and got the s3, told verizons I can't be getting calls from drs. And dropping calls. I thiught getting away from motorola things would get better. Granted the dropped calls aren't as severe but are still happening. I found out about 2 wks ago my neighbor has a thunderbolt and I asked how she does on calls and she said she has a lot of dropped calls as well. I know if I had a boatload of money it would be easier to move, but I don't. I just have a cell service that I have to deal with dropped calls for the next 2 years because of my early upgrade and my daughter is also on my acct. Just wished I could some kind of compensation for mediocre phone service. Dont get me wrong internet is fine cause I use wifi, been home since january. Dont know how internet will be on data. And customer service has been fine. Would just like consistent voice service I guess would be the best way to say it. Sorry about my rant, but just getting annoyed.
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