Dropbox expansion help! I use it for school...

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    I'm looking to expand my dropbox space. Anyone that wants to help me can you follow this link -->> http://db.tt/LoGfcTh

    All I need is for people to sign up and download the program (you can delete the program after). It will give me an extra 500MB of storage (up to 16GB). I'm using it for my classes and I only have 1GB left of 3.25GB right now.

    Thank you to everyone that does help me!

    Also for those of you that do not know what dropbox is: It is a "cloud" storage service that allows you to store files and easily access them between your phone and computers. For anyone that is not in college, they can receive up to 8GB of free storage with signing up. Anyone that does go to school or has a .edu email address can receive up to 16GB of free storage.

    Once again I thank anyone that helps me increase my storage!!
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