DRONE FIX to fly for the htc incredible

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    here is a step by step instruction for the droid incredible. remember to sync all you numbers and stuff before you do this because you will loose all you data and read all warnings because this is a root for you droid along with a rom flash.

    first off you need to root your phone with this link ( unrevoked3 recovery reflash tool, v3.32 ).....boom follow the instruction which is turn off phone and reboot it then plug in usb making sure that usb debug is on and charge only and the program does it all.

    then you need to download you custom rom here( Latest Version - CyanogenMod Wiki )

    then you Google apps here ( http://android.d3xt3r01.tk/cyanogen/...114-signed.zip )

    remembering this is for the droid incredible if you have some other device you will have to download a different Google apps

    now once that's done you have to add to your desktop the market place app and download the AR.drone app.

    after you done with that turn on your drone click mene on your phone click wireless setting turn on if its off search for you drone signal whatever you named it or the default AR.drone 14356793 and connect to your drone.

    click you drone app there are only 2 that work as far as i can see since one says that you are connected to your drone not to your drone or something like that just don't use that one the rest work fine like demo and AR.pro.

    the drone app will load and you should see you front camera and a menu click you should be able to change cameras and fly like no ones business. lol

    (notes) i noticed while flying with the apps default setting you drone will cruse real fast and are a lot different than the ipod so just to warn you you might want to lower the trims a bit, and yes you will have to redo all you apps and numbers unless you sync them before you did this

    i hope this helps everyone to fly there drone and here's a big thanks to mwhartman
    fastnick94 for the help you guys are the true people to thank without you i would be cursing my droid and wondering about buying another ipod
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    My droid is tight, not loose.