DroidX stuck at Moto logo after flashing rooted GB

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    I was running Darkslide 4.2 on my DX but I wanted to upgrade to the new Darkslide X. The first step is to flash the rooted Gingerbread, so I used TBH app to get the rooted and deodexed GB All in 1 file. I used Droid2 Bootstrapper to boot into recovery. I saved a nandroid backup then wiped system, cache, dalvik cache, battery stats, and then I flashed the zip. Now my phone is just stuck on the Moto logo. I've waited probably 20 minutes than did a battery pull, and now I've waited probably another 20 minutes. it's still just sitting at that logo.

    I'm thinking I may need to SBF it and try again. What do you think?

    EDIT: I'm just going ahead and doing a .340 SBF. I think I used the wrong file for the upgrade path I was on.

    EDIT2: I'm done with the SBF and I'm running z4root right now. Then the plan is to upgrade to rooted GB using the two-part installation I've seen around. I'm hoping that works.
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